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Poised to Perfection

Alana Smith to represent Santa Clarita in the Miss California USA 2011 Pageant

by Stephanie Struyck Elgin

She will graciously take the stage representing the Santa Clarita Valley at the Miss California USA 2011 pageant this year.  Santa Clarita resident and student, Alana Elizabeth Smith has high hopes of bringing home a crown and the title this November.  
Born in Los Angeles, Alana moved to the Santa Clarita Valley at age five and has been living here ever since.  She is a full-time student in her sophomore year at College of the Canyons, where she is working toward becoming a registered nurse.  In her free time, she loves to hike, dance, read, volunteer her time to help others and anything that involves being outdoors. Alana also supports Santa Clarita’s Help the Children, and will be helping with the annual Make A Difference Day set for October 23.
Over 7,000 women were interviewed for the Miss California pageant, and Alana was one of 300 contestants handpicked.  “Being chosen is a huge accomplishment for me, but it doesn’t stop here,” states Alana.  “Participation in this event has empowered me through networking and interacting with businesses and individuals on a greater scale. It has also given me increased opportunities for my future. I’m striving to be an example to other young women, that even when facing adversity or hardships, success is attainable in any situation, when you are confident in your abilities.”
While many contestants may have spent their childhood years in pageants, the Miss California USA pageant marks pageant number two for Alana.  “I have been in one other pageant a few months ago, which was the Miss American Co-ed Pageant,” states Alana.  “I wasn’t eligible to take home a title since I am running for Miss California USA this year.”  
After being referred to the Miss California pageant by a recruiter, Alana went through the interview and selection process.  “There are some requirements for Miss California USA,” states Alana.  “You have to be a full-time student, not married and be in good health.  You also have to reside in the state you are representing.  Another requirement for Miss California is that you need financial sponsors, whether it is business or individuals.  Running for this pageant can be very costly.”  
For the selection process, Miss California hopefuls were brought into an office and were selected by how they carried themselves, their charisma, intelligence and how they look. “The same day I was interviewed I was told that I was accepted to be in the pageant.  I hadn’t even walked out of the office!”  
The Miss California USA will be taking place in Palm Springs on November 20 and 21, at the beautiful Agua Caliente Theater, and will be televised on either NBC or CBS.
Watch the most talented women in California compete for the crown.  “I am looking forward to competing with all the women and hopefully winning the title of Miss California USA!” states Alana.  “I used to get really nervous before pageants, but I just do a small ‘victory dance’ before I walk out to get all my jitters out of my system.  It works really well for me and it makes me energetic for the crowd.”  
We wish you the best, Alana!
If you would like to sponsor, donate or even attend the Miss California USA 2011 pageant to support Alana, please contact her for information at

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