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Surgical Aesthetic

David Fellows, M.D., M.F.A.
23501 Cinema Dr. Suite 100, Valencia • 41230 11th Street West Suite D, Palmdale
661-839-9998 • 877-30-DAVID

Dr. Fellows, a native of Illinois, studied in both the Midwest and Southern California. He graduated magna cum laude with a psychobiology major from the University of Southern California. He then earned his medical degree from the prestigious Northwestern University in Chicago. After a five-year general surgery residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, he returned to the University of California Los Angeles’s renowned program to complete his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency. His skill and passion for his profession is apparent as UCLA extends this honor to only three surgical residents per year.

He furthered his training by completing an additional six month aesthetic surgery fellowship in Los Angeles, which is accredited by the Aesthetic Foundation. His training ranges from maxillo-facial surgery to plastic and reconstructive surgery and he currently specializes in breast, body sculpturing and facial aesthetic surgery.

In addition to his extensive medical training, Dr. Fellows has also completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Chicago in figurative sculpturing after finishing his plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship at UCLA.  

Dr. Fellows is a unique plastic surgeon who holds multi-faceted degrees allowing him to achieve an optimal surgical and aesthetic outcome. He is the essence of the union between surgeon and artist and has taught courses in sculpturing for his fellow plastic surgeons. His unique background in art informs his work as a surgeon, as he possesses a keen understanding of both the structural and aesthetic concepts of basic human anatomy.

Come visit Dr. Fellows as he has been trained both formally as a general surgeon and plastic and reconstructive surgeon at UCLA.  He, in conjunction with Santa Clarita physicians, can evaluate, remove and close any skin cancers you may have or skin lesions in question.